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Greetings everyone! I am Charles Dixon and I'd love to help you. 

First, please let me address the website being old.

I have worked for years to maintain a website that is relevant to you and your better health. I've tried to keep it up to date and keep it safe for you while you "surf the net". I realize the internet is changing and I am looking into mobile friendly options but between the working in the clinic and teaching A&P at one of the finest Christian polytechnic universities in the nation ( www.LETU.edu ) I just haven't had the spare time to learn new soft ware just because google says I have to. I will make every effort to move the many pages of this website over to some newer more mobile friendly setup during the summer of 2020... hopefully... LOL

So, now let me begin by answering a few common questions.

 I offer manual, hands on adjusting. I take my time, I am gentle and I won't surprise you. I also use an Activator instrument in situations where manual adjusting might not be best. AND I don't charge a lot so you don't need insurance to come as often as you like!!

Many patients have tight muscles and often a few minutes of myofascial release therapy helps loosen things up for the adjustment. This is often done as an active therapy where I work the muscle while you (the patient) move in a way that shortens, then lengthens the muscle we are working on. This is usually not to comfortable but you can lead me so I don't exceed your tolerance. 

Sometimes, when a patient is really tight, I will offer to do a few acupuncture needles to those specific muscles that I can feel are tighter than normal. They have started calling this "Dry Needling" but I've been doing it since 2005 when I began training under Dr Yun-tao Ma PhD. This type treatment usually loosens the area so a gentle effort leads to a great adjustment. This also works when the pain pattern can be traced to specific muscles. A great example is when the upper glute and piriformis muscles are involved in terrible low back pain that might even radiate down your leg like sciaticia. Needling muscles those often gives nearly 100% relief and the lumbar adjustment will usually move very easily then too.

Some people come just for "Dry Needle" style Acupuncture. I am happy to provide that without performing any spinal manipulation. I understand then many people have suffered with pain and are very careful about any "strong" kind of treatment. In addition to Dry Needling Acupuncture, I typically do gentle range of motion stretches in these cases or possibly a little massage or passive myofascial release. None of that is necessary though. I am happy to just do acupuncture if that is your preference, as long as I feel it is not contraindicated.

I am happy to treat you with just the Dry Needle Acupuncture and no Chiropractic Adjustment because I know many patients already have a Chiropractor or Physician they are happy with. I want Dry Needling to be easily available to all patients. If you are a Chiropractor or a Physician who wishes to refer for "Dry Needle Acupuncture", please feel free to fax or send your patient with the referral form that is available at this link. I will gladly perform the treatment and send you notes as to what treatment I provided your patient.  Referral Form

Cost is also a question people bring up. My office visits are typically $40. If we double up with Acupuncture and Chiropractic, or go long (over 15 minutes, less than 30 minutes, like when treating more than one complaint) then $60. There are other possibilities but these are the 2 most common. See Fees for more info. People often have insurance and hope it will help with the cost of care. In over 15 years of utilizing acupuncture I saw 1 BCBS policy actually pay something for Acupuncture, every other time they didn't, so I quit dealing with insurance companies and lowered my fees to what you just read. I do not bill or deal with insurance companies in any way shape or form. The fee you pay is it, no bills will follow. 

The first visit is $50 and includes treatment. If X-Rays seem necessary they are under $100 at Tyler Open MRI near Troop and the Loop (you'd pay them, not me) but I don't order them unless it seems necessary based on your condition.

More questions? Call me at 903-570-7080 and I'll do my best to answer them.

Now, on with the website!

Wait, first a funny video...

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Dr. Dixon's has used these Amazing " Dry Needle" Acupuncture Techniques to stop patient's pain in its tracks since he first began learning from Dr. Yun-Tao Ma PhD back in 2005. Now, that expertise is available here in Tyler.  *

Just a quick call to 903-570-7080 can get your first treatment scheduled. I often can't get to the phone so please just leave a message and I will call you back when I am not with a patient or teaching. You may also e-mail me at AmazingAcupuncture AT gmail.com about available appointments. (Please replace AT with @ - did you know that robot computers read the internet and send junk email to your email address? That is why I spell it out like I did) 

The office hours for Acupuncture "Dry Needling" & Chiropractic of Tyler are Monday 10-5, Wednesday 10-5, and Friday 10-2, by appointment only. Same day appointments are usually available

The office address is: 1324 S Beckham Ave. Tyler, TX 75701 (Building 2 - Suite 244)

In addition to practicing Chiropractic and Acupuncture, I've been teaching Anatomy & Physiology at LeTourneau University in Longview since the Spring 2016 semester. I teach classes all day on Tuesday/Thursday and the clinic is open Monday/Wednesday/Friday

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An adjustment is just $40, "Dry Needle" Acupuncture is typically just $40 but may be more based on time. A more complete picture of the cost of treatment is available under Fees.

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What about Chiropractic?

The cause of spine pain almost always begins as what we refer to as a spinal subluxation. A subluxation is a condition in the spine (or in any joint really) where two bones lose some of their normal motion and/or alignment. Nerves may become irritated, soft tissues like cartilage and ligaments can become inflamed, yet in the beginning it usually isn't to painful. In time these irritations and decreased range of motion between the vertebra get worse and the longer it stays there before you notice it the harder it is to resolve once you start treatment. 

Eventually, pressure, time and gravity cause the subluxation to get worse to the point that it can lead to conditions like bulged discs or herniated discs and eventually it can also lead to disc degeneration and facet joint syndrome.  It is unfortunate that so many people are not proactive about their subluxation but Dr Dixon is here to help you no matter what stage you are in.

"I have found in my many years as a Chiropractor so many people wait until it is much to late before they begin seeking a conservative solution so I began to learn Dry Needle Acupuncture from Dr Ma to help those that seemed like their spine pain wasn't responding very quickly to Chiropractic Care and eventually I even added the Spinal Disc Decompression, to my arsenal of spine recovery tools."

Dr Charles Dixon

So, Yes, bulged discs or herniated discs, degenerative disc disease and facet joint hypertrophy are just a few of the "named" spine problems that originate years earlier as what we Chiropractors call spinal subluxation. That might be avoided if you actively protect your spine by exercising, stretching and if necessary, utilizing chiropractic adjustments.

If your fortunate enough to catch the subluxation early it can be just a matter of a good wellness care plan (including core strengthening) to keep your spine as subluxation free as possible throughout your lifetime. This type of treatment program is easy to accomplish. 

The longer your subluxations sit there, locked in place and wearing on the cartilage the more difficult and time consuming the treatment becomes. That is why many chiropractors have to have you treat several times per week for months and months of treatment because it often takes that much chiropractic care to resolve your problems. I believe repeated adjustments can be necessary and if that is what you need then I'll make that so affordable its crazy. (Ask me about "Maintenance Membership" discounts)

Typically people don't show up in my office until things are pretty bad and pain is usually the thing that finally causes them to take action. This used to happen over and over until I started using Acupuncture. At first I used the Meridian Based Acupuncture but really they taught us "formulas" and I did not find my success rate satisfactory. In 2005 Dr Yun-tao Ma and his dear wife Mila authored the definitive textbook on Biomedical Acupuncture for Pain Management and it changed my practice forever. I began using his technique immediately. I already did Acupuncture so it was just a change in the mindset of how I placed the needles.

I have been performing Dr Ma's Biomedical "Dry Needle" Style of Acupuncture for Pain Management almost every day in practice since then. I want everyone to have easy, direct access, to affordable Dry Needle Acupuncture for controlling their many painful musculo-skeletal conditions. NO REFERRAL IS EVER NECESSARY.

There is a LOT of information on this website about a LOT of different conditions as well as the VERY different methods I have for treating your painful problems through Biomedical Dry Needle Acupuncture, Manual Muscle Release Techniques, Spinal Disc Decompression Therapy and @Home Trigger Point Therapy and Pain Control Techniques.

Take your time and find what you need to know and if it isn't here write me about it.

Please, you have got to go checkout "Page 2". It is the most informative page on back conditions on the site, all on one page!


Charles R. Dixon, MS, DC


Charles R. Dixon, MS, DC  ~  903-570-7080
1324 S. Beckham Ave. (Corner of 2nd St, Building #2, Suite #244) Tyler TX 75701
Mail: PO Box 1894 Chandler, TX 75758

We feature " Acupuncture Dry Needling for Pain Management" as taught to Dr. Dixon personally by Dr. Yun-Tao Ma PhD.  Dr. Ma teaches Acupuncture Dry Needling based on Neuroanatomy rather than energy meridians. I believe, based on my many years of personal experience treating patients on a daily basis (with acupuncture since 2003), that this is the most scientifically solid acupuncture technique for pain control in a Chiropractic and/or Pain Management office setting. We also feature Spinal Disc Decompression with the Chattanooga DTS Disc Decompression System for Complete Spinal Rehabilitation in cases of Degenerative Disc Disease and Bulged or Herniated Disc in the Lumbar Spine.

Dr. Dixon has proudly served Tyler, Chandler, Brownsboro, and the entire Lake Palestine area since 2001. 
He continues to serve you from Tyler at his new clinic location on Beckham just a few blocks from UT Health & Christus Mother Francis's main hospital campuses. 
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